H6AC is changing anti-cheats by
putting the player experience first.

H6AC is our advanced security solution prevents and detects cheating & hacking in multi-player video games, kitted with developer-friendly features and designed for players.

Player Experience

Your players are our top priority.

From false positives, intrusiveness, and privacy issues, players have a long list of complaints.

We strongly believe in harboring a positive community relationship with your players, so H6AC is built putting your players first.

Windows, Mac, and Linux capable.
Player privacy is valued and emphasized.
Community-oriented support & feedback.
GDPR and CCPA compliant.

Core Functionality

We know cheater' tricks: inside-out.

With 16 years of cheat development experience, our team knows how to defend against the most obscure and evasive cheats.

H6AC not only detects cheating & hacking, but also protects against threats before they even become an issue.

Invisible player experience.
Hybrid, cloud-based architecture.
Enforced at the highest OS level.
Difficult to bypass & reverse-engineer.

Developer Control

Real-time control. Wait-free. 24/7.

Don't force your player to wait for updates to happen. Iterate faster and ship releases out quicker with H6AC's Dev Center.

Manage security policies, bans, security & customization settings, and much more: directly online.

Integrated analytics, statistics, and insights.
Fully-featured C, C#, and REST API.
Rigorously secured with 2FA and SSO.
Auditing, logging, and compliant.