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H6AC is our anti-cheat game security solution that meet the needs of your studio's games of any size. We equip you with the tools you need to ensure your game's success.

Why have an anti-cheat?

Cheaters invading a game on its launch day is a real issue, with real consequences. It's important to prevent cheaters & hackers before they become an issue, which can seriously tarnish your game's reputation and ratings. H6AC provides a holistic solution by stopping cheats in the first place with our immediate cheat protection system, followed up with our effective cheat detection solution that is capable of removing player using even the most evasive, advanced, and obscure cheat software.

Here's why you'll love H6AC.

Get started completely free.

We can set your team up with a fully-functional environment to integrate, evaluate, and test H6AC in your game, absolutely free. You don't pay us a cent until your integration goes live to the public.

Designed with players at the forefront.

We know that many players hate anti-cheats — our mission is to change that. H6AC runs silently in the background: invisible to the player, like how anti-cheats should be. We want to join your journey in building a thriving player community and a positive brand image.

Protect your game in as little as 15 minutes.

Our SDK is super easy to use and can get you up and running securely in as little as 15 minutes. We have plenty of sample projects and quality documentation to get you going with ease. Our engineers can also work directly with you to ensure a smooth integration.


An anti-cheat is an indispensable part of your game – but you shouldn't have to break the bank.

We offer competitive & elastic pricing to meet the needs of our clients of any size, from AAA studios to new startups. Our startup plan is a cost-effective solution designed specifically for indie, small, and pre-revenue studios with relatively low volume whilst offering AAA-level protection at an affordable price. The startup plan grows as you go. Seamlessly upgrade to an enterprise plan within minutes with zero code changes on your end.

  • Is your game pre-revenue? Get started with H6AC for FREE. Don't pay a cent more until release.
  • E-sport organization or event organizer? We have solutions to ensure your event is successful with affordable protection.
  • Need a more individualized solution? We cater to clients of any size and in any part of development. Contact us; we'll be more than happy to work directly with you to tailor to your exact needs.
Protection featuresCheat prevention onlyProactive cheat prevention, adaptive detection, and threat analysis
Proactive protection from cheats
Adaptive detection of cheats
Automated ban management
Max concurrent players500 [1]Unlimited
Setup feeAs low as $100Variable
PricingUS$ 0.05 [2]Variable
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[1] Burstable. Max amount of players connected to H6AC at any given time.
[2] Per unique player, per month.

Startup Plan

5¢ USD

Per unique player, per month

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